Self-Employed Buyer

We appreciate those with initiative and our lenders know that small and medium business owners, freelancers and other self-employed people deserve equal chances to own the property of their dreams. However, we are aware that you might have been told ‘no’ from the banks because you can’t provide an exact income amount or because your credit history isn’t perfect… We are different – we believe in you and we are happy to hear your story, to nurture your dreams and to help you reach them. Our requirements are simple and easy to fulfill:

  1. A reasonable credit history (no bankruptcy or foreclosure)
  2. Proof that you have been self-employed for the last couple of years
  3. Estimated annual income, as declared by you and not necessary by tax return papers

Once we get the required documentation and come to an amount that suits both your needs and your repay potential, get ready to start the hunt! It’s time you find that perfect house!

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