Non-Residence Buyer

If you live here but you don’t hold a Permanent Residence Permit or you have spent less than 6 months in Canada, then it might be challenging to try getting a mortgage from a bank. However, you can still open bank accounts and get a mortgage to buy a property.

How much can I get?


We specialize in mortgage services for non-residents and our experience with customers like you will make your application process smooth and quick. We will get you up to 80% of the property value and we will bring in more than the money! We will help with house-hunting, negotiations, legal advice when buying and long-term plans to repay.


We have discounted rates for non-resident buyers which ensures you get some of the best rates in Canada, as well as the opportunity to renegotiate them later on. All you need to do is bring us a recent bank statement, a personal estimated income statement, a real estate appraisal, a Canadian bank account and two ID documents. That easy!

Make your mind up, take a look at the house market and stop putting money into landlords’ pockets – a mortgage with us brings you a house and so much more.

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