Private Mortgages

It’s normal to dislike waiting lists, countless forms to fill-in and spending days to document your requirements.

It’s also normal for banks to still say ‘no’ to your mortgage request, at the end of all this. If you want to avoid frustration, disappointment and, most importantly, to get the money you need and deserve, we know the best way: private lending. Our large network of trusted private lenders are happy to work with us to find the best financial solution for you, suitable both in the present and in the future. Because why not get the highest amount possible, at the lowest repayment rates, with the best interests and even with the option to pay back in less than 3 years?

How is this possible?


Private lenders evaluate your file based on the value of the property and the income you declare instead of your credit history, so you have better chances to receive the money you ask for and personalized repayment options. More money, more flexibility, more energy to invest in what really matters – your plans for the future.

Is it for you?


  • Are you looking to buy a property that can serve as an income source (rental, office etc.)?
  • Are you in need of refinancing and hope for up to 85% of your property market value?
  • Are you worried because your credit history isn’t spotless?
  • Are you working in a place that cannot provide an exact income (because your pay is commission/bonus-based)?
  • Are you in a hurry and you need to buy the house you’ve just found before someone else gets it?
  • Are you worried you might get a ‘no’ after a long waiting time with the bank?

…Then yes, it is for you and now it’s the right time to get what’s yours. Contact us and let us know your dreams. Together, we can make them happen sooner than you might think!

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